SignallX MPLS Routers

iMossa IP/MPLS/MPLS-TP Devices has been specifically designed and manufactured for Railways connectivity applications, providing strong capacity, high port-density, and kinds of ports with an advanced chassis. Based on layer-3 & layer-2 technology, interoperability with other routers, 10GE/ GE/ FE/ E1/ STM-1 ports is supported. iMossa focuses on access/ aggregation of providers” IP/MPLS transport network. It is very suitable for delivering L2VPN, L3VPN and CES services for customers requiring end-to- end guaranteed availability, reliability and HQoS to the key client. It is designed to help providers overcome challenges over resources, costs and services at the metro access layer, to bring value to both providers and their customers. EzView is offered for iMossa Series OAM. Support 64k IPv4 & IPv6 routes, Multicast routes of 1K & Groups of 100.

Tihoms is a carrier-class, cost-effective, compact, high-capacity SDH &IP Network integrated transmission platform that is designed for application in metro and access networks to facilitate the efficient transport of traditional TDM and increasing Ethernet data traffic for service providers. Multiple services can be transported over SDH network and IP metro network easily via Tihoms. Both SDH Cross-connection Matrix and Packet Switching Core are supported. It complies with Carrier Ethernet standards defined by MEF.

Tihoms is a card based compact SDH &IP Network integrated equipment, designed mainly as a gateway node between the core SDH/IP network and a number of remote CPE boxes. It may also be used as a multi service SDH ADM node in a typical ring or mesh network. The 3U high 19” wide chassis of the H9MO-LMXE has 22 slots, with 2 slots for the 1+1 power cards, 2 slots for network management card as well as packet switching cards,, 2 slots for TDM cross-connection cards, 6 slots for PKT universal service and 10 slots for TDM universal service cards.