SignallX Multiplexers

SIGNALLX – SX100C is a PCM multiplexer developed by DI3, achieves transferring FXS, FXO, MAG, 2/4W audio, EM 2/4W, V.24, RS485 through optic paths or E1 uplink paths. SIGNALLX – SX100C has been widely used in private networks of Grid, military, petroleum, railway, government, aviation, etc.
  • 1U height, 19 inch chassis, can be installed in a standard 19 inch chassis.
  • Provide 2 optical uplink ports, LC type, 155M.
  • Provide 4 E1 uplink ports, 75 ohm and 120 ohm are optional.
  • 4 E1 support 4 directions without protection or 2 directions with 1+1 path protection in each direction.
  • 64K cross-connection capability: 256×256.
  • Support optical paths and E1 path protection, except for Ethernet data.
  • E1 specifications comply with ITU-T G.703 and G.742 standards.
  • Provide up to 32 paths FXS, FXO, MAG, 2/4W audio, or 8 paths of EM2/4W.
  • 8 paths RS232 and 8 paths RS485 are optional.
  • FXS card provides individual ringing signaling which is more stable.
  • Provide abundant alarm indicators.
  • Support Network Management Software.
  • AC & DC power supplies are optional, support 1+1 protection.
SX1000, which was developed by DI3, provides various features and applies to different networking, meeting customers’ requirements. SX1000 is the latest generation of PCM Multiplexer of DI3. With the small size, lower power consumption, high reliability, SX1000 is easy to maintain and manage, which saves space in the equipment room and minimizes the CAPEX and OPEX.
The SX1000 can be widely used in electric power, oil, municipal administration, water resources monitoring, traffic, military etc. It supports transmission of monitoring, remote control, and alarm data signals, and provides dispatching phone and administrative phone services on the transport network. SX1000 is fully applied to linear, ring, mesh network, achieving flexible networking applications. plus 1 DSL supporting E1 and DSL protection.